PSSI For Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain Management Partners

As electronics repair and refurbishment experts, PSSI works seamlessly with 3PLs and 4PLs to support your clients' unique reverse logistics needs. Our flexible service model allows business relationships to be customized based on the interests of our partners and their clients.

PSSI for 3PL

For 3PLs, we can expand on the strength of your capabilities to maximize the value you provide your clients and optimize your profitability. PSSI's depth in electronics repair and reverse logistics services, and your breadth in logistics and supply chain management services provide a winning combination for your clients and their bottom lines.

PSSI for 4PL

For 4PLs, we can work with you to customize solutions unique to your clients, ensuring that you are bringing optimal value for your clients. Rest assured that the reverse logistics recommendations you are making by collaborating with PSSI will make a major impact on your clients' supply chain management success.