…PSSI handles 100% of our Reverse Logistics and Repair/Refurbishment services.  By outsourcing these components of our business to PSSI we've been able to dramatically reduce our fixed operating and capital equipment expenses and at the same time improve the delivery and quality of services to our customers.”

Dave Anderson
American Messaging Systems

Depot Repair

Extend the lifecycle of electronic products

With failure rates averaging 6% per year, extending the lifecycle of electronic products requires the application of effective and economical repair solutions. Utilizing our service industry experience, an extensive supply chain, our knowledge of the secondary market and our technical expertise, we craft customized repair solutions for our clients. 

Executing more than 5,000 repairs every day, PSSI understands how to accomplish these repair objectives. PSSI technicians deliver yield percentages on defective products at levels exceeding industry standards, performing Level 1, 2 and 3 repair services on a wide variety of electronic products.

We work in concert with the industry's leading service providers and OEMs to deliver world-class electronics testing, supply and service support.


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