Fulfillment Services

Once a product has been returned and repaired, PSSI will process your product promptly and get it back into your saleable inventory quickly and affordably.  We offer rework, re-kitting, repackaging and fulfillment services that allow your staff to focus on core business. As desired, our fulfillment management team can return your reworked product to you in bulk, or pick, pack and ship it to multiple locations.

We also offer fulfillment services for new products in which we will process customized orders, load data and prepare electronics specifically for purchasers and end users.

PSSI’s flexible IT system allows for easy integration of customers’ data and supports partner PO receipts, inventory control, partner RMA processing and the receipt of single units from consumers or bulk returns from distributors and retailers. Our fulfillment management system creates the metrics that our partners need to effectively manage their customers while maintaining an efficient supply chain.

Located in a foreign trade zone just five minutes from the DFW Airport, PSSI has a Triple Freeport tax exemption so it can provide partners with a cost-effective option for receiving offshore products, as well as an optimal location for fast and economical distribution.

All project information is treated confidentially and any old or excess materials are either returned to you or destroyed according to your directions. In addition to reliable repair expertise, PSSI has the capacity and operational flexibility necessary to tackle these complex projects from start to finish.