Electronics Recycling & Disposal

Electronics recycling and disposal are becoming more and more regulated, and green practices are becoming more and more important to businesses and consumers alike.

PSSI and our customers are committed to respecting the environment by recycling as much material as possible. The best solutions are those that comply with federal, state and local regulations, while returning as much material as possible back into usable raw materials.

PSSI works closely with EPA-certified recyclers to ensure that the best solutions are found.  Certificates of Recycling will be generated for all recycled materials to protect you from the legal liabilities of improper recycling.  When products and product waste are not recyclable, we use EPA-certified electronics disposal sites that will provide Certificates of Destruction that protect you from legal liabilities of improper disposal.

Asset Recovery

In an effort to minimize loss and recover working capital, customers often enlist PSSI to implement an asset recovery program for defective or obsolete products. Many products that are now scrapped still have some value in various markets, while others have value as a parts source in the repair industry.

PSSI has many liquidation and parts channel partners that can assist you in getting a maximum recovery.