Why should you choose PSSI for your electronics repair?

There are several advantages to selecting PSSI as your repair and refurbishment partner. Explore the benefits below to learn how we bring the greatest value to our clients.

Specialized Electronics Repair

PSSI is focused on and dedicated to repairing and refurbishing electronics. As specialists, we have the skills and expertise required to repair your products more efficiently and reliably, which means the quality and reputation of your brand is protected.

100+ Years of Experience

PSSI's team brings more than 100 years of combined experience in service and repair operations, manufacturing, distribution, service parts supply management, product returns management, remanufacturing, remarketing and product lifecycle management.

Strong Executive Leadership

Serving as both strategic partners and consultants, PSSI's executive leadership team has implemented reverse logistics, repair and value recovery programs, including plans that helped the consumer PC industry raise recoveries from 10% of original cost to net recoveries of up to 90% of original cost. PSSI now offers this knowledge and experience to companies with similar product return and depot repair challenges.

Highlighted accomplishments of our executives:

  • Recognized as recipients of the Malcolm Baldridge Award and Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence (Motorola and Alcatel)
  • Successfully deployed reverse logistics solutions to the wireless and cellular industry
  • Launched some of the PC industry's first national trade-in and shared revenue recovery programs (Apple, Compaq and Dell)

Quality and Certifications

  • Best-in-class performance metrics and customer satisfaction ratings
  • Track record of achieving low returns percentages on repairs (under 1%)
  • High percentages on exceeding our client's defined service level agreement (SLA) metrics, like average turn-times and yield rates
  • Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 Repair on a wide variety of in-warranty and out-of-warranty electronics
  • Component-level (BGA) repair for clients requiring Level 4 repair on electronic boards and other highly integrated circuitry
  • Certified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as an Authorized Service Center (ASC) for repair by Alcatel, Huawei, Pantech, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and LG on cellular technology, with the demonstrated capability to add to that list
  • Proven capability of quickly assimilating OEM service certifications as needed to support our clients

Centralized Location

At 125,000 Sq. Ft., PSSI's centralized U.S. location and proximity just five-minutes north of the DFW Airport in a Triple Freeport trade zone, provides our partners with a cost-effective option for receiving offshore products as well as a U.S. mid-continent site for fast and economical distribution.

Unique Capabilities

  • Co-Locating - PSSI can co-locate reverse logistics operations at a client's facility. This includes placement of PSSI personnel, test equipment, IT systems and infrastructure for end-to-end management of the reverse logistics process on-site.
  • Serialized Tracking, Data Capture and Reporting - Being able to track every asset is a critical element of what differentiates PSSI from our competitors. From product receipt to final shipment, PSSI utilizes the product serial number (assigning a PSSI bar-coded serialized tag if no serial number is apparent) so each stage of product action is tracked through PSS.Net. Our system captures pictures of defective or damaged systems, initial audit and test data, details on missing parts or accessories, technician notes, service parts needed and allocated, repair actions taken by PSSI, accessories allocated QC test results, and packing and shipping information. The customized PSS.Net system provides world class operations management tracking allowing superior data collection and reporting to our clients. Standard, customized and
    ad-hoc reporting is available and can be transmitted via API, XML, CSV, EDI or FTP file formats.
  • Responsiveness and Adaptability - reverse logistics companies require volumes of the same product at predictable levels to perform efficiently. This is why some rarely take on projects of less than $5 million in annualized revenues. PSSI has a demonstrated ability to work at lower volumes and with diverse product mixes comparable to the receipts seen by traditional retailer and general product distributors. These smaller, varied engagements prompted PSSI to develop unique capabilities in returns management and repair. It also reflects on our clients loyalty, as we handled their reverse logistics challenges from the beginning then adjusted to their growth.

Advanced IT Infrastructure

Our flexible IT system allows for easy integration of customers' data and supports partner PO receipts, inventory control, partner RMA processing and the receipt of both single units from consumers or bulk returns from distributors and retailers. Our system creates the metrics that our partners need to effectively manage their customers while maintaining an efficient supply chain.

  • Best-in-Class Data Collection and Reporting:We offer real-time data collection and reporting to track quality, productivity, yields, repair specifications and other key statistics that are valuable to our customers.
  • Advanced RMA and Inventory Management Systems: At PSSI, we work closely with our customers to develop and execute efficient, cost-effective returns management and inventory management programs.
  • Customized Billing: Our IT platform enables us to customize billing and customer transactions based on customers' unique requirements for each specific product, including warrantable and non-warrantable related repair details and costs per unit.

Customized Solutions

  • Unique repair solutions for every client
  • A la carte pricing and detailed, itemized invoices
  • Customized, itemized billing, including warranty-related repair details and costs per unit
  • Turnkey service offerings, including returns management and fulfillment
  • Connectivity to unique RMA platforms and systems

Efficiency and Reliability

PSSI consistently achieves some of the best bench-marks in the industry. How do we achieve these results? By utilizing advanced manufacturing processes, by leveraging IT tools that provide real-time and detailed feedback, and by employing some of the best manufacturing quality and engineering professionals.