AT&T reduced working capital by $16.8 million and gained $1.1 million in warranty reimbursements with PSSI.


Situation Overview

AT&T Mobility and its third party logistics provider, ATCLE, were receiving various quantities of used cellular handsets at several processing locations. The inventory required repair services, but the process was proving cumbersome, costly and inefficient as products came from multiple nationwide users.


PSSI designed and implemented a repair solution, in concert with the original equipment manufacturers to repair, refurbish, and bulk ship cellular handsets. PSSI repaired 20 different models and 25,000 units per week, with the following results:

  • Achieved out-of-box quality of >99.8 percent
  • Attained cycle-times of less than 30 hours
  • Reduced working capital by $16.8 million
  • Realized warranty reimbursements of $1.1 million