PSSI helped GameStop meet critical demands and reduce repair costs by 40%.


Situation Overview

GameStop, the world's largest multi-channel video game and gaming system retailer, was unable to meet demand in its exchange retail channel and was facing poor quality, slow turn-around and low-yields from other repair vendors. The company teamed with PSSI to solve its repair challenges with a wide variety of gaming systems.


Within 10 weeks, PSSI was providing timely, reliable repairs and implementing a cannibalization program that involved 4,000 units per week returned through GameStop’s exchange/buyback retail channel. Not only was GameStop able to meet critical demands, which facilitated game sales, the program also resulted in:

  • Out-of-the-box quality repairs with turn times of less than 4 days
  • Greater than 92 percent yields
  • Reduced repair costs by 40 percent