PSSI developed a high-value, environmentally sound process to sanitize, test, repair and recertify ROUND2’s disc drives.


Situation Overview

ROUND2 INC. (ROUND2) is a leading eRecycling service provider that maximizes the value of systems, parts and components for reuse by creating and managing remarketing channels for excess, obsolete and B-Channel technology equipment. PSSI developed a sophisticated process to sanitize, test, repair and recertify the company’s high-density disc drives.


PSSI quickly initiated the repair process and reached high volumes within a few weeks. PSSI processed more than 100,000 assorted disc drives from a wide variety of manufacturers. These drives were then remarketed by ROUND2 for a significant mark-up over the salvage value of otherwise non-working drives, allowing ROUND2 to increase its clients’ return on assets. PSSI also worked with ROUND2 to develop a process that achieves the following goals:

  • Maximize value for reuse
  • Ensure that all legal and environmental requirements for proper reuse and recycling are met

In addition to this program, PSSI continues to partner with ROUND2, utilizing its vertically integrated, green-compliant recycling solutions to dispose of the non-repairable electronics, keeping waste out of the landfills.