PSSI's repair team helped Stanley save more than $4.2 million in five years.


Situation Overview

Stanley, a leading provider of security equipment and monitoring solutions, was experiencing delivery delays from its contract manufacturer with some of its very high-value printed circuit board assemblies. By focusing on new rather than repair, the company was losing five to ten percent of its sales per month to competitors and was struggling to deliver spares to its customers.


PSSI obtained and salvaged Stanley’s diagnostic/test equipment, implemented a repair process and rolled out a hot-swap spares replacement program, resulting in:

  • 300-400 boards repaired and immediately placed back into the spares pool
  • Ongoing repair cycle times of less than 7 days
  • Greater than 96 percent spares availability/uptime
  • $1.4 million saved on annual spend for new boards in the first year
  • More than $4.2 million in cost savings after five years